Member Policy

Member to Member Networking Policy

Below are the general terms and guidelines that govern Members’ networking activities, and which form part of the Terms and Conditions which Members must accept to be part of The Networking Effect and participate in its Services.

  1. No link-litter. If you've found an interesting article that you think the community needs to see, please share it! But we want to know why you think it's share-worthy. Not all of us have the time or inclination to click through and see if it means anything to us personally. So write a paragraph or two (yes, paragraph, not sentence) that summarize why you were intrigued.
  2. No ads or spam. It's very OK to cite your own work as examples, or to talk about events or offerings you have, so long as they are relevant to the topic of social media. This isn't a place to shout BUY MY PRODUCT! over and over again. If you're not sure, ask yourself this question: Will what I'm about to post encourage discussion within the community? If not, it's spam. Linked content must be compelling, engaging, understandable, result oriented and related to Social Networking. Incomprehensible, irrelevant or advertising laden posts will be deleted.
  3. Self-promotion is right out! We love that you've got a podcast, radio show, seminar, class... so do we! But this isn't the place to schelp your wares. Like #2 above, it's OK to cite your work and even provide a link when germane to the conversation. But self-promotional posts that do not encourage discussion within the community will be removed.
    a) If we search for your name in the community and the only results are posts linking to your blog posts, then we will ban you. This is a community not a bulletin board. If you regularly interact on other posts in the community, then we are happy to have you post a description of your quality blog post along with a link to the blog from time to time.
  4. No MLM programs. We ban people who promote MLM programs in this community.
  5. No introductions needed. This is the place to find the answers you've been unable to unlock, gain the wisdom of a smart crowd, or to share your own eureka moment. Make your first entrance to the community a bold one, and not just "hi, I'm a interested in social media, too". Remember, we're trying to encourage discussion and provide high value content.
  6. Categorize correctly.
  7. Play nice. Expect your thoughts and ideas to be challenged by others in this community. It's how we move forward. But no ad hominem attacks allowed.
  8. Post in English. Posts in other languages will be removed.
  9. Have fun. Because this is. Join us?

Note that if a Member violates any of the above, The Networking Effect has the right to terminate access to the Services, and pursue any remedies it has under the Terms and Conditions.


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