How can I view, edit and delete the notes that I created?

Tap the upper right hand menu and select Notes.  All your notes will display in chronological order. If you would like to edit the note tap on the gray arrow found on the middle right hand side of the note. Select the pencil icon  and the Edit Note screen will appear. Make your changes and select Save.

You can also view your notes from the Calling Card of the person that you have created a note about. This person will be located either in your Network or your Opportunities. Once found, click on their name to open their Calling Card and tap on the “Notes” button located at the bottom of the Calling Card. Follow the same procedure as outlined above to make necessary edits. 

If you would like to delete a note swipe the gray arrow to the left and a red garage can icon will appear. Tap the red bar and you will be prompted whether you wish to proceed deleting the note.







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